Motorhome and RV Rental America - FAQs and Info

Q. What is an RV?

A. The term "RV" is short for Recreational Vehicle. They come in sizes from 4 berth to 7 berth in the USA. Generally there are no small rentals vehicles like a 2 berth vehicle in Europe.


Q. Is it possible to make a one way booking in the USA?

A. Yes this is possible, but please note that there is a one way charge which will be included in your rental rate. You could for example pick up in San Francisco and drop back in Los Angeles.


Q. How do I get a quotation for RV rental in the USA?

A. This is very simple and easy with our software. Just go to our booking engine which is on every page of our website. Choose your pick up location, and as soon as you choose your pick up location you will see which drop off locations are available. Then put in your dates and the size of vehicle required and our system will quote you the price. You may get a quotation for limited or unlimited miles; obviously the unlimited mileage package may appear more expensive initially. Just remember that you would still have to add extra mileage packages to your quotation. Remember that all our quotation include Sales tax this may not be the case with other suppliers; you may get a nasty surprise when you go to pick up your vehicle and you are presented with an extra bill for sales tax!


Q. Can I get a detailed picture of the vehicle?

A. Yes, just click on the thumbnail photograph on the quotation screen and this will open up a web page with larger photographs, floor plans and detailed specifications. Should you require any additional information we can be contacted by e-mail.


Q. What fuel does an RV use?

A. Most RV'S in the US use gas (petrol). Fuel prices can be obtained at
Vehicles use approximately
22 ft 8-11 miles/gallon: 18-28 liter/100 km
25 ft 7-10 miles/gallon: 23-33 liter/100 km
32 ft 6-8 miles/gallon: 25-35 liter/100 km


Q. Can I book extras like bedding and maybe a GPS?

A. Yes. When you get a quotation, you can proceed through the quotation / booking process and you will be presented with the Extra's page. This will outline all the extras available with that vehicle that can be booked or added to your quotation.


Q. Can I get a quotation sent to me by e-mail?

A. Yes you can simply get a quotation online and e-mail it to yourself by clicking on the e-mail quotation link. Should you require any additional information please contact us via the Contact Us page.


Q. Is it possible to pick up on the same day if I am arriving from a long flight from overseas?

A. No most RV hire companies in the US do not allow this they insist on you staying overnight and collecting the RV / motorhome the next morning.


Q. Can you collect us from the airport?

A. No airport collections are not possible. We can, in some cases, collect you from an airport hotel. We will supply you with a list of airport hotels we collect from, on confirmation of your booking.


Q. Do I require a special driving license to drive a RV or Motorhome in America?

A. The renter (contract signer) and any additional authorised drivers must be at least 21 years of age, with a valid driving license and identification from their country of residence.


Q. How can I find details of campgrounds and do I need to pre-book?

A. It is always wise to check on the availability of sites long before you begin your holiday. Campground sites at National Parks and other commonly visited tourist spots can sometimes reach capacity months in advance. Not every Campground allows all sizes of Motorhomes. Most sites that can accommodate large size motor homes make a distinction between those that are up to 25 feet and those that are larger. Please keep this in mind when making reservations. Go to or to make a reservation in advance.


Q. What is the address of the rental depot?

A. We send you the address of the rental company with your confirmation, as we may have several RV / Motorhome suppliers in the location you have chosen.


Q. What kind of instruction will I be given about the RV, their appliances, and how to use them?

A. You will receive a full orientation tour of the RV, including maintenance operations and your responsibilities when using the RV in the US. The Motorhome should be inspected to note any pre-existing damage. After this check you will be asked to sign a document saying you agree that the inspection was correct.


Q. Will my motorhome have air conditioning?

A. In the USA, in general, the RV will have air conditioning; this will be displayed by a symbol when you get a quotation online.


Q. Is it complicated to hook up the Motorhome to campsite facilities?

A. Connecting the motorhome to campsite facilities requires no technical expertise. You will receive instruction on these connections at the time of pick up. You simply plug into the mains power supply, fill your water tank and you can empty your toilet cartridge in the toilet facility.In the US there may be common barbecue area's; please read the camp instructions carefully regarding fires.


Q. What kind of power supply does a motorhome have?

A. The refrigerator, heater, water heater, stove and range operate on propane gas. The dash air conditioner is powered by the engine while driving and other items by an outside 110V power supply. Vehicles have a dual battery system. This means that the engine battery is separate from the battery system used for internal appliances, such as the fridge, lights and water pump.

The appliance battery system will last approximately 12 hours when fully charged. Please note that the batteries only recharge when you drive the vehicle. Since the engine battery is separate, if you flatten the appliance batteries, you will still be able to start the engine and drive. All vehicles have the facility to plug into an external electricity supply.

When you plug into electricity in a caravan park all accessories automatically switch over to run off 110V electricity rather than the batteries. You can then use appliances such as the television, microwave and rear air conditioning that only run off electricity.


Q. Is it possible to camp outside of campgrounds?

A. Yes. However we do not recommend it for security reasons; please use your common sense! It is strongly recommended not to stay overnight on Freeway rest places as they may not be safe.


Q. Is there heating in the Motorhome?

A. Yes, there is a gas heater using a balanced flue arrangement. This takes it's air from outside and expels the gas fumes externally, thus it is safe to leave on low overnight if required. There is also a gas boiler for hot water which will supply both the sink and the shower.